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FBLC is actively seeking ERISA geeks!

Are you enjoying the law, but not your legal practice? Are you not fulfilled by the area of law? How about thinking outside the box?

Our area of legal practice is challenging, requires creativity, and is very fulfilling. We are growing at an astounding rate and need more lawyers who work like we do, value what we value, and want to be part of something dynamic.

We love being at the top of our game, working hard during the day, and going home to family and friends at night and on the weekends. Our firm growth offers avenues for you to succeed. Our practice area offers you the means to become knowledgeable in a field that is in high demand. Our personalities and culture enable you to have a life outside the office.

What do you need to join us, besides a law degree and Bar membership? You must be high energy, congenial, creative, and like to be challenged. You must want to stretch your legal muscles to become very good at what you do. Finally, if you have any tax or contract background, that would be great. The rest we can teach you.

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