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Ferenczy Benefits Law Center maintains an active presence in the benefits community through local and national speaking engagements, training seminars, and webinars for our clients, pension organizations, and benefits professionals.



Both Ilene Ferenczy and Alison Cohen are presenting various training webinars to the staff members of several national companies over the spring and summer months.  The topics vary:  Ethics the SECURE Act, the CARES Act, MEPs, Risk Reduction, Controlled and Affiliated Services Groups, and Mergers and Acquisitions.


Derrin’s Fireside Chats:  We CARES.  This will be a series of six (potentially more, until things calm down) weekly updates by Derrin Watson to discuss the CARES Act and current developments.  These are scheduled for Wednesdays at 2:00pm EDT.  The previous ones have been very well received.  The sixth of these is scheduled for June 3rd, and the 7th for June 17th.  Check back for future events.

The eDisclosure Regs Are Here! On June 11th at 2:00 pm EDT, Ilene Ferenczy and Alison Cohen will review the newest Department of Labor Regulations for eDisclosure to participants and highlight the possible ways service providers can quickly implement the new requirements.  In addition to going in-depth on the new eDisclosure Regulations, Ilene and Alison will analyze how this new regulation pairs with the ‘actual knowledge’ requirements discussed in the Intel v. Sulyma Supreme Court case issued earlier this year.

Advanced Case Studies in EPCRS.  The next webcast in our summer series will be June 23rd at 2:00 pm EDT.  This webcast will be 100 minutes.  Alison Cohen, Ilene Ferenczy, and Adrienne Moore will spend time analyzing common (and some not-so-common) operational failures that occur with retirement plans and the approach for correction.  Understanding how to present to your client the scope of the issues and what the risk/reward equation might look like for self-correcting versus filing with the IRS.  Included in this, Ilene will talk about VCAP, the other IRS correction program, and when it might be appropriate.  Using real case studies, the discussion will go past theoretical and get right to the heart of actual operations.

Get Your Hands Off My Money!  On July 14th at 2:00 pm EDT, Alison J. Cohen, Adrienne I. Moore, and Adriana Starr will dive into the facts alleged in both the Estee Lauder and Abbott Laboratories cases to understand how thieves walked away with a participant’s 401(k) account.  What are the lessons learned from these allegations?  The team will share actual case studies from firms that experienced thefts and attempted thefts to hone in on what steps service providers can take to stop this burgeoning scourge.  And, because nothing is foolproof, the team will discuss the insurance challenge of figuring out if your firm would be covered for identity theft and whether your coverage is enough.

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CE credit will be available for these webcasts.  Registration is available via this link: http://www.erisapedia.com/webcastsThis link also contains more information on future free webcasts co-sponsored by ERISApedia and our firm, as well as the availability of past webcast recordings.  If you have any questions concerning a webcast, contact support@erisapedia.com.